How did our clients find out about SCORE?

To help our Chapter better understand how clients find us, please ask your client how they heard about us when you first meet, and fill out this Brief Survey.

The information we gather with your help will help us better serve our community. While clients can fill out that question on the Request for Mentor form, not all do, and you can get more invaluable detail by asking. Please be specific - the form has a second part where to enter detail information, such as the name of the Event where the client found out about us. Thank you for taking on this extra administrative chore!

Chapter Event Calendar

We maintain a calendar of events of interest to our volunteers, such as general meetings, board meetings, or interesting meetings in the community. The calendar is read-only, please ask the Office Admin to add or update an event for you.

You can add the calendar to your computer or mobile devices. To learn how to do so, read this Article. Here is the link you will need to add it to your mobile device or Google Calendar:

To add the Calendar to your Outlook for Desktop, simply click this link on your computer.

About using Google Apps

To see information about how to use the G Suite for Nonprofit tools from Google (Mail, Drive, and more) please see Getting G-Started.