We are SCORE Portland

Northwest Region Most Improved Chapter of the Year
The Oregon District Chapter of the Year

Join us!

SCORE Portland is looking for people with diverse backgrounds and experiences to serve in a wide variety of roles — from knowledgeable business mentors, to local community advocates, to volunteers who prefer to serve indirectly, by helping our chapter in supporting roles.

On this page you will find ways to volunteer at our chapter. If you would like to learn about providing services directly to clients, please visit:

We have many opportunities where your skills can help our chapter succeed. We are organized into a number of committees, and all of them can use your help.

We serve clients in, and we welcome volunteers from, all of Northwest Oregon. Using modern technologies, you can serve our chapter from wherever you are!

Volunteering Opportunities

Executive Committee

  • Treasurer
  • Program Committee Chair
  • Workshop Committee Co-Chair
  • Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Co-Chair
  • Vice Chair, Future Chapter Co Chairs

Marketing Committee

  • Community Newsletter editor
  • Partner Newsletter editor
  • Community Outreach advocates
  • Webmaster

Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Committee

  • Diversity and Inclusion Community Event Coordinator
  • Diversity and Inclusion Continuing Education Coordinator

Client Services Quality

  • Handout Library Coordinator
  • Handout Library Article editors
  • Volunteer Continuing Education Coordinator

Workshop Committee

  • Webinar hosts

Information Technology Committee

  • IT Committee Co Chair

To learn more, contact Martin Vlach
Chapter Co Chair

Email Martin