Google Analytics | 2/16/2022 February 16, 2022, 9:00am PST February 16, 2022, 10:00am PST
Zoom Webinar

WS 306 Google Analytics Basics

Do you know what’s working and what’s not on your website? Google Analytics is a free tool offering a wealth of information about your website traffic volume, traffic sources, user behavior and audience preferences. In this workshop we’ll review the most important metrics to help you create a healthy, ongoing SEO strategy and build your Google authority:

1. Traffic Channel: Organic, Referral, Direct, Paid, Social, Email

2. Traffic Source

3. Social Media channel

4. Geography: City, State, Country

5. Blog readership; most popular topics

6. Most viewed pages

7. Organic Keywords

8. On-site Search terms

9. Product views

10. Devices: Desktop, tablet, mobile

11. Number Session per user

12. Average session duration

13. Average pages per session

14. Exit pages

15. Bounce rate

Learn to build a custom dashboard for easy access to key metrics. Design a dashboard based on your most critical business goals, with up to 12 visual data displays (tables, line graphs, bar graphs, pie charts, etc.).

Prerequisites: This workshop will not cover Google Analytics account setup and installation. The installation procedure varies depending on your website platform. Please seek out a YouTube video tutorial for your specific website platform or consult your webmaster for installation support. It is expected you will have your GA account setup and installed prior to the workshop. No further experience required. The focus of this workshop will be on the classic version of Google Analytics, called Universal Analytics, which is the most prominent version for most of us. Google recently launched Google Analytics 4 for advanced users, which will not be covered in this workshop.

Presenter: Stacey McCormack, Musimack Marketing, LLC

Stacey McCormack is the Founder and President of Musimack Marketing in Tigard, OR. She specializes in social media optimization and engagement for small business. Stacey is passionate about consulting with local business owners to navigate a variety of free online marketing opportunities to increase brand awareness and generate demand for their business.

A 20-year marketing veteran, Stacey’s former life in corporate America includes experience across all major media including Radio, Broadcast TV, Cable TV, Newspaper and Digital advertising formats. Today, she employs her marketing expertise and unique perspective to create a compelling and consistent brand image and marketing message for her clients, across their website, social media channels and local business listings.

Google Analytics | 2/16/2022