What is SCORE?

Portland SCORE, the 11th chapter to be formed, we are located at 620 SW Main Street, Portland, OR 97205 (in Gus Solomon Courthouse across from Arlene Schnitzer Hall) with approximately 70 mentors on staff, provides 6,000+ counseling sessions annually to 1,100 clients, almost half who are already in business. We also deliver 50 workshops each year.

How SCORE Can Help You?

SCORE is run by about 70 volunteers who have indepth, practical experience running and managing businesses. They've been there and done that. Each has chosen to give back to their community to help others start and grow their businesses. These volunteers are ready to help you personally, by counseling you at no cost. Portland SCORE also provides high quality workshops on topics of importance to small business owners.

What You Can Expect From SCORE

  • Free personal counseling and ongoing mentoring
  • High quality, modestly priced workshops
  • The respect and confidential advice of professional business men and women
  • Practical ideas from people “who have been there” and made a success of it
  • Counselors who are experts or have access to experts on most business issues
  • Counselors who will meet with you as often as necessary to help you succeed
  • Non-confrontational discussions - like talking with trusted family and friends