Portland SCORE

601 SW 2nd Ave. Room 950, Portland, OR 97204
Phone: 503-326-5211

SCORE is a nationwide nonprofit organization dedicated to the formation, growth and success of small businesses.

Portland SCORE , the 11th chapter to be formed, with 90+ counselors on staff, provides 6,000+ counseling sessions annually to 4,000 clients, almost half who are already in business. We also deliver 100+ workshops each year.

SCORE Mentors have proven insight based upon successful business experience in an industry. Gain access to that experience by establishing a counseling appointment.

Access is provided in one of two forms:

1) Signing up online allows SCORE to provide the best
    match to your needs.

2) Use general counseling which is without appointment
    at our office – simply walk in at the SCORE Office
    Mon-Thu 9 AM - 3:00PM, Friday 9 AM - Noon

 All counseling is FREE and CONFIDENTIAL

Our Workshops provide managed and organized information that enable our clients to learn and apply solutions to their problems.

Experienced SCORE mentors and selected local experts conduct a variety of regularly scheduled, low-cost educational workshops.

Current relevant courses that contain valuable information and techniques necessary for keeping pace with your clients expectations and needs in the digital world.

Determining a clear course to success requires using effective templates and tools to explore, learn and document business impact.

Employing a variety of documents, templates and tools to grow your business understanding improves your chance for success.

SCORE tools provide insight to performance potential at low risk of failure.